Data Analytics

Webfia knows what makes businesses tick – what makes them succeed, what makes them struggle. Having worked directly with the team at Google, we’ve mastered the industry’s best practices in analytics. We use leading methods to measure real data affecting every aspect of how consumers interact with companies like yours.

Insights through analytics

Analytics are crucial for understanding how your site is performing. They can provide valuable data about visitor demographics, your site’s strengths, and its weak points. Analytics help answer questions like:

  • What do people look at most on my site?
  • Do they spend enough time on the page to see what I’m offering?
  • Are they converting?

Simply put, analytics test for what’s working and what isn’t. Webfia helps you find out this information and put it to good use. The data is simply organized to show what impact these stats have on your business. We identify the strongest paths for your web presence, products, and business model, pinpointing exactly what you need to improve. Our analytics service includes:

  • data evaluation
  • A/B testing
  • usability testing
  • financial performance analysis
  • competitor comparisons

Valuable data, valuable strategies

Analytics can be combined with our SEO services to show what parts of your website just aren’t getting attention. We’ll present you with high-powered tools to lift these pages into the spotlight.
With our help, you can develop smart, targeted strategies. More accurate financial projections, slam-dunk marketing campaigns, streamlined products that hit the sweet spot – all achievable thanks to our services. Don’t stumble through the dark any longer, contact us today. Light the way to prosperity with Webfia analytics, as well as other services like website design and social media.