Media Ranking Factors 2017

— texts on media landing pages are significantly more relevant than the average content on pages across all industries
— texts on media URLs ranking in the top 10 contain 16% more words than the benchmark average
— media websites have longer text with a higher content relevance than benchmark
— media websites use the searched keyword in the body text and the meta description more often
— the keyword density for high-ranking URLs in the media industry is far lower than the overall average

— media URLs in the top 10 use more images
— useful, holistic text, with suitable images is more important for media domains than for general sites

— URLs ranking in the top 20 for media keywords average 30.7 links to external websites
— that’s more than the mean rate across all industries

— the number of Social signals generated by high-ranking media pages is considerably more than other industries

— AMP share in the top 10 mobile results for our benchmark keyword set is 21%, 26% of the media URLs are AMP
— for current news topics AMP share is 30%
— if we include news integrations, then 78% of the search results for news keywords have an AMP logo

— only 12% of media websites use HTTPS encryption, this is barely a quarter of the rate measured in our benchmark

— the load time for top 10 media websites is nearly 4 seconds slower

User metrics
— pay attention to user signals like Click Through Rate and Bounce Rate