[Video] Mobile Is Eating The World By Benedict Evans

If you're into tech, you'll be blown away by this smart presentation on the near future and where Google Apple Facebook Amazon (GAFA) is headed.


We already know mobile is eating the world as we pass 2.5 billion smartphones on earth and head towards 5 billion. And not only is the s-curve of innovation for mobile passing PCs, but it’s moving into the deployment phase. Which means the questions have shifted from “Will this work?” and “Who will win?” … to “What can we build with this?”
So what happens when this new kind of scale for technology — and new kinds of computers (with cameras and sensors in everything) changes other industries, like cars and commerce for example? What happens as companies like GAFA move from “mobile-first” to “AI-first” with machine learning and more? And what can we build as we stand on the shoulders of giants?
In this update of Mobile Eating the World — delivered at a16z’s recent inaugural summit event — Benedict Evans takes us on a journey along the s-curves of mobile and beyond.

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Internet is now a third of all advertising: Google and Facebook have well over half of it.